Sunday, April 29, 2007


Sure enough, they'll be sellin' stuff
When the moon begins to rise
Pretty bad when you're dealin' with the man,
And the light shines in your eyes
"Come On, Baby, Let's Go Downtown" by Danny Whitten

Patrice and I now have a run-down one-room apartment in the Chinatown part of the soon-to-be-opened Downtown sim. No, we're not moving away from Beaver Beach. But Patrice has this fantasy.

She imagines us as supermodels who are holed up in a crummy flat trying to lose weight before a big fashion show by eating very little and doing drugs. So naturally, our flat is not in the best part of town. When I first beamed in, before I'd looked off the balcony, indeed before much had rezzed, I asked her if this was one of the brownstones. She said she'd got a place in Chinatown because it would be easier to get drugs. Just kidding, children! Drugs are bad, m'kay?

As well, the view is pretty cool. I love neon, and flopsie just showed me how to change a setting that's supposed to allow light sources to glow like when that hit of acid has kicked in (not set yet when I took this picture). Oh no, there we go with the drug references again! And I'm not sure if Downtown would be a good place to do psychedelics. I think you need your wits about you on the mean streets.

I told Patrice that this scheme might not work. See, we'll go down on the street to score, but we'll come back with a bunch of fried dumplings as well. So we'll be strung out and gain weight. We'll have to see!

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