Friday, April 6, 2007


Still the longest word in the English language!

Hopefully, Patrice and I did not breathe in too much fine silica dust as we did some volcano exploration. We didn't have much time last night, so Patrice took me to a tropical Gorean island that belongs to her friend Kim. After we explored the most excellent shipwreck, we made our way up to the top of the very steep volcano. Now that is some volcano! You can't bathe in the lava, but it really belches black smoke, which shifts as the wind does. And if you back down the hill (no flying in Gor) and watch in from the base, periodically it shoots out fireballs. Quite a sight, which of course I failed to record with my trusty camera.

I had to take a quick break to do a photo shoot for my upcoming article for PixelPulse Magazine, so we met up with my subject at somebody Linden's place. Can't even remember! But it was a pleasant spot with a gazebo where I took some pictures of my subject. So there I did get the camera out, but those pictures are for the article.

With our remaining time, Patrice and I went to Pele, the volcano of fellow blogger Cheyenne Palisades. Finally, I visit Pele! Chey was not there, unfortunately, or I'm sure she would have given us a tour. I could see on my radar that Mordecai, another fellow blogger (see Links for both), was nearby, so I IMed him. He quickly made a request that we not visit the Xubi house and mumbled something about nakedness. Well, yes, I could see on the radar that someone named Maia was in very close proximity to Mordecai. I laughed and told him to lock the door! But we were certainly not about to disturb his pleasure.

So we splashed around in Pele's lava for a bit and checked out the nearby pavilion before teleporting home and then, sadly off. We did meet up briefly later on at the Velvet. Patrice had gone kitty again as she danced with our friend and genuine Neko, Mischief, so I quickly changed species and began to purr. I am only a dilettante Neko, but I'm kind of enjoying it. Meow! Watch those claws!


Cheyenne Palisades said...

Oh, Veronique, I'm so sorry I missed you and Patrice! I was probably on the phone with Sweetie. And yes, Moradecai and Maia are quite enamored of each other. *grin*

I hope you got a chance to ride on the train. It's (since we're making up words) wayfabkewlawesomeniceluvelyretrosteampunkmechanonostalgolistic! Anyone can drive it.

Cheyenne Palisades said...

I see my long word got truncated. Grrr.