Sunday, April 8, 2007

Please, no mom pants!

Patrice said that the "Shopping spree" entry made us sound like fashionistas. I said, well, we get that way, but only once in a while. Mainly, we buy what we like and don't pay much attention to trends. I do appreciate when Linden Lifestyles or Second Style (and others, such as Iris Ophelia's recurring feature in New World Notes) bring cool clothes, hair, etc., to my attention, because otherwise my shopping would be woefully uninformed.

I hadn't looked at the Second Style blog in a while, and seeing Celebrity at the Velvet last night reminded me that I have been missing out on some good tips. So I went to the site to do some catching up.

When I saw Grazia Horowitz's entry for April 2, however, I groaned. Not about Blaze Columbia going casual, and nothing against Grazia. About high-waisted jeans, "which is going to be the new trend in jeans," she wrote. Ye gods, deliver us!

OK, I realize that low-rise jeans in Second Life get a bit ridiculous. I really am not into butt crack. So, here's a challenge. Can anyone in SL design jeans that are low-rise in the front but higher in back, something like Lucky Brand Jeans Lil' Maggie or Sweet Dream styles? Jeans that fit comfortably on the hip, look hot, but let you sit down without southern exposure—or the equivalent in SL terms? Obviously it's possible in First Life. I can't imagine it's not possible in SL. Yet I have a virtual closet full of virtual low-rise jeans that seem, if anything, even lower in the back than in the front.

I do not want high-rise jeans! But I sympathize with saying no to crack and whale tail. So, some talented designer, please help me out here! I don't think I'm the only one who would be grateful. Oh, and more skinny straight-leg varieties too.

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