Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Apartment life DJ makes Mischief

Not a whole lot going on, gentle readers. Sometimes that happens. Sometimes First Life needs attending to. Sometimes Second Life is more about hanging out with Patrice and with friends than about anything really blog-worthy.

Like last night, I went with Patrice to see what she's done to our crack pad in Chinatown. I hadn't actually been through the front door, having previously been beamed directly upstairs. The crime scene tape off to the side was a certainly a nice touch. And the elevator works, sort of. We're on the third storey, and there seem not to be any stairs.

But you really don't want to see the gross mattresses Patrice put in the room. Nor the boxes of half-eaten take-out Chinese food. And you especially don't want to see the used syringe that flopsie left in the middle of the floor. Yuck! Good thing I was wearing some really chunky boots to protect my little feet!

We did a bit more wandering around in the dark. Patrice wanted to get her palm read, but unfortunately there is no palm reader yet. Cool looking salon though. She was thinking that our friend Mischief might make a good palm reader.

Speaking of Mischief, here are the only bits of news I have at the moment. I have my first regular DJ gig coming up! Starting on May 14th, I will be the Monday night DJ at the Velvet. My equipment is ready, although I'm going back and forth on settings for the compressor/limiter between one set that's milder and one that's more aggressive. And I've put more songs into my library, although you can never have enough, and I'm working on getting more.

And the reason I'm not starting next Monday is that Mischief will be having her first rezday party at the Velvet, and she has gone and lined up another DJ! Jasper will be doing the streaming thing. I might have to give her a bit of grief about that, although it's very likely that Jasper has more songs that Mischief wants to request. At any rate, I will be able to party without distraction and celebrate one year in SL of one of the coolest kittehs around.

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