Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Espadrille Caper

The quest for Second Life shoes that approximate the espadrilles that Penelope Cruz wore in the film Volver continues, although I did find something at least in the ballpark.

Patrice in her comment on my last entry pointed me to the same shop I'd found through Style Disorder, so as soon as I had a chance yesterday, I went to Digital Dragon Designs. Once I got there, it took a lot of waiting for pictures to rez, a lot of flying around to find what I was looking for, and one false start (never be hasty on a purchase, it might cost you 300 lira), but I finally found the shoes that had been featured in the blog—not the stripy version, but the same shape.

On the plus side, they have the ridiculously high heel and not a bad side colour. The ones with black ties had black sides, and that was just wrong. And in general, they look pretty cute. On the minus side, those are ropes, not ribbons, and they're white. I can't wear them with enough outfits. As well, the side texture isn't quite what it ought to be—looks like a fabric texture, not rope (in fact, suspiciously like "linen" from the SL Library). Worse, at 400 lira, they are no bargain. For 400 lira, I would expect the ability to change shoe colour. I've paid a lot for shoes at, say, Coconut Ice, but there I get 140 colour options. So this purchase was OK but not entirely satisfactory.

If I could magically move shoes into SL from eBay, I found some pretty good candidates. This one on the left is the closest I've found to what I'm looking for—high-heeled, rope sole, open-toed, with ribbon ties. You can't really see how it would look tied up because the ribbons are lying by the sides, but I think it's a reasonable approximation that brings all the right components together.

This one on the right is also a pretty good match, with an even higher heel, although it ties with strings and not ribbons. Still, the overall look is pretty good.

I'm still looking for my ideal Penelope espadrilles on SL. I'll keep hoping that some designer also saw Volver, also fell in love with those shoes, and also noticed the demand in First Life, which I'm sure would translate into even more demand in SL.

Yes, I will leave fashion aside again for a while. I have something cooler coming up. I got a preview of an awesome urban sim that sets a new standard for detail and quality, not to mention serious grittiness. Next time, it's anti-fashion!


Cheri said...

I love the black ones at the very bottom. Very sexy! I would wear those in RL or SL. Do you know who makes them, btw? 'Cause, now I must have. :)

Véronique Lalonde said...

Oh dear. I'm afraid I did not keep track of where the pictures came from. If I'd seen a pair that were exactly like the real thing, I certainly would have. Sorry! I agree, that pair is pretty nice, even though they tie with strings and not beautiful satin ribbons.

Cheri said...

That's OK. I could see from the enlarged picture that Wild Diva makes them. Dunno why I didn't think to enlarge the image the first time. :)

Also, I spotted these today on the Nordstrom site. No satin ribbon, though. A satin ribbon is much sexier.

Anonymous said...

I found a pair from target that looks just like the pair Penelope wears in Volver. Here is the link.

I hope this helps!