Monday, April 16, 2007

Unstuck in time

In the courtyard in front of the Velvet on Iron Fist, there is a memorial to Kurt Vonnegut Jr. I think club-owner Push started it, or maybe someone else associated with the club. (I didn't ask—too busy trying to connect to the Velvet stream so I can DJ. But that's another story.) There is a photograph of Vonnegut on one side and a quote from him on the other. What's really touching, however, are all the little tributes people have left in front of the memorial, flowers and the like. I saw one that seemed particularly appropriate—an ashtray with a burning cigarette in it.

I have read Slaughterhouse Five more times than I can remember, and have seen the film more than once. I read God Bless You, Mr. Rosewater. I saw the film Mother Night, and I can remember enjoying From Time to Timbuktu on television when I was a kid. So I am not a major Vonnegut fan, and certainly not an aficionado of his work. Still, I greatly appreciate what I know of his work, and I'm sure I would enjoy more if I took the time to do more reading. His death is a great loss.

Kurt Vonnegut spent time in Second Life. If he could see the memorial and the spontaneous tributes, I'd like to think he would be pleased. I don't know how long Push is going to leave it up, but if you're into it, you might want to beam over there and leave your own tribute.


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