Tuesday, April 10, 2007

We'll always have Paris (1900)

When Patrice came online tonight, she suggested we take a break from dancing and do some exploring. That was fine with me! You must get sick of reading about yet another fun night at the Velvet. I mean, it's fun for us, but probably not all that interesting to read about, although I do try to make every entry as entertaining as possible, and the usual suspects at the Velvet are often helpful in that regard.

On Monday, however, we went on a real adventure—to the place called Paris 1900. We materialized in the Metro, which was an interesting way to arrive. You have to read the rules, in either English or French, and agree to them, but they are not nearly as heinous as those at many places. They're mainly about no sex and don't dress too inappropriately.

We emerged from the Metro station to face the Moulin Rouge. Unfortunately, since it was 4 a.m. Paris time, there was nothing happening there. Great build though. We amused ourselves by clicking on a set of dance balls called "Hokey Pokey," which I'd never seen in SL before. I wasn't quite the Hokey Pokey, but it was pretty weird, as you can see. Looks a bit like a pairs figure skating move. On the way out, Patrice pointed out a giant elephant, which was so huge I hadn't even seen it on the way in. You can see in the lower right corner of the picture how tiny the two of us look in comparison.

We figured we had to hit at least some of the shops, so we went into a build in which several were housed. There were fairly nice clothes, from designers and I knew but mostly from ones I didn't, so we did a bit of careful buying. There an annex of Adored Clothing in there. Adored was the first place I ever bought a dress, and my first pair of shoes as well (and I still have them both), but I haven't been there in a long time. I couldn't resist a lovely white dress with a long draped scarf behind, something quite different from what used to be at that store.

We left the shop and headed for La Tour Eiffel. This is a really impressive reproduction of the famous tower. It feels huge. We took the lift to the première étage (first level above ground), then on to the deuxième. Unfortunately, there isn't much to see from up there. I did get hit with a bit of lag, though, and found myself having fallen to a sort of intermediate level, somewhere that avies probably aren't supposed to be. Fortunately, Patrice rescued me with a teleport, because there's no flying in Paris 1900.

Once back at the top, we took advantage of a catwalk from which you can sky-dive. We both have the equipment already so we took the plunge, Patrice in her suit and I in my lavender gown. I didn't achieve quite enough horizontal distance, so I landed about 40-odd metres up on a platform from which I had to jump to the ground. Patrice, being more skilled, had a much better jump. We finished by poking our heads into the Callie Cline shop, but nothing really struck our fancy, except for one sun-dress that I thought was nice, but I got cheap and didn't spend the 500 lira. I might need to remedy that.

Oh, on yet another fashion note (what's going on here?), Patrice sent me a link to a modelling contest that Lacoste is running. So we both entered. As the lottery people say, hey, you never know. I think the shots I sent were pretty good, although I could have used that Callie Cline sun-dress. I had to submit it twice since it seems not to have "taken" the first time. Hope this one works!

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