Thursday, March 6, 2008

Fiery red

I have been terribly, terribly remiss. I was not writing any blog entries because of a lack of time to spend in Second Life and thus a lack of adventures. But I let an offline event slip by with only one meagre passing mention. And I could have been tooting my own horn!

Twitter draws people from SL, often as their SL avatars. Not only do I keep up with SL people in Twitter, even when I'm not in world, I've also met Twitter friends in SL. Cross-pollination!

One such lovely friend is CodeBastard Redgrave. Codie is unique in SL, which is saying something. If you ever meet her, I think it's safe to say that you won't have met anyone like her before. She's pretty wacky, but she's also warm and generous and a loyal and loving friend, as well as a scripter—her main product is the MachinimaCam—and photographer. In not much more than a year, she has had a big impact on SL. Many have noticed her fine qualities and her talents, enough so that she was voted the Avastar of the Year.

A while back, Codie shot some boudoir photos of my friend Leticia and posted them on her Flickr site. They were an instant hit. From there, she created a project called Boudoir Rouge, for which she has photographed dozens of SL women in provocative outfits and provocative poses. All in the best taste, of course! These are classy boudoir photos, not smut. Not that there's anything wrong with smut!

I managed to get myself included in Codie's series, even though I am among women who have much more of an impact on SL than I do, even when I have time to go in world. I am a mere counsellor (in training) with a dearth of clients! I suppose I might qualify as a raconteuse when I'm at the Velvet, since I seem to be able to keep people amused with witty repartee. And I have been a DJ and hope to be one again when I can make time for it and, er, update my music library.

So check out my ass, and check out the other photos that Codie has posted. I bet you'll be marking many of them as favourites, as I am doing!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Forward into the past!

I had some actual down time last night. Sure, I should have been working on one last paper for this term, but I still have time for that, and I really needed a break. So I went in world and went to the Velvet for the first time in ages, the first time for me since it returned to the surface of the grid.

I'm in world so infrequently, I'm always afraid when I go to the Velvet that I won't know anyone there. It has happened before. Last night, however, the night started good and just got better. Leticia was there when I arrived, as were IsaDaft and Woody, and Therese Slade was streaming the tunage. Mischief came over a while later, and then lots of people showed up—Sarah, Qualsha, Freqout, Haedon, Wade, Natalie, even Push! It was like old home night. I'm sure I'm forgetting many names too. There was even a hoverjet lying about, one of the first toys I ever had in Second Life (and still have), courtesy of my dear friend tree. Jasper came by to take the DJ reins from Therese and gave us some splendid music.

The open chat was hellafun. It's one thing I've always loved about the Velvet, especially when someone like Mischief is there. The chat can be silly, of course, but it tends to have a level of wit that is quite enjoyable and stimulating. And of course I had a few IM windows going as well. I so needed that hour and a half.

Thanks to all for such a fun night! I need more!