Saturday, April 21, 2007

Tranquility base

First Life has cut into my Second Life time lately, not to mention my blogging time, and will continue to do so at least for the week coming up. Work, gardening, volunteering, chores—it all adds up. Oh, and in SL, I have a story due at the end of the week for which I am still doing interviews. So forgive me, gentle readers, for going with a bit of an evergreen. But it's something I wanted to write about anyway.

I met Cahide Meadowbrook at Patrice's and my wedding. Patrice had met her earlier at the Blue Note jazz club, where Cahide was at the piano. Cahide was managing a club that was about to open called the PowerPlant, and she offered Patrice a job as a host. Just minutes after I'd met her, she offered me a host job as well, which I accepted with gratitude.

Later, I met her butler Charles Nighbor, who was working as personnel manager at the PowerPlant. Like Cahide, he is English, and a proper English gentleman he is. Charles is one of the few people I know in SL who is not young in appearance. Since he is somewhat older in FL, his avatar reflects that—balding, with white hair and a trimmed white beard.

Cahide and Charles are two of the best people I know in SL. Even though the PowerPlant didn't work out (it's closed now), we have remained friends. While I was working for them and ever since, they have always been kind and generous to me, exemplary bosses and exemplary friends.

A short while ago, I gave Charles a ping. I hadn't seen him in some time, and I wanted to remedy that. He beamed me to the parcel where he and Cahide live on a sim called Kawaii, which seems to be kind of a cross between Hawaii and the Japanese countryside.

Charles gave me the full tour. They live in a mostly Japanese style house, except for one of two living rooms, which has western lounge chairs. The place is on the ocean and surrounded by gardens with butterflies and bird sounds. It is quite a restful place.

Just before I had to go, we were sitting in the "western" living room, and Charles demonstrated the weather system they had installed, which is what you see in the photo, which I finally remembered to take! First, it was raining. Then, there was something much more northern Japan than Hawaii—snow! We continued to chat as we sat and watch the peaceful scene.

Charles has been busy since then. His current project is building a cave for his new neighbour, who is a hermit. He has already built some sort of small prayer spot on top of a very steep hill. Next time I visit, I will have to take more pictures.

I am thankful that I have friends like Cahide and Charles in SL.

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