Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Cruz shoes

OK, back to fashion for a bit. SO and I saw Volver on DVD this weekend, and now I am on a mission. I must find an approximation of the espadrilles that Penelope Cruz was wearing. In general, her character in the film is a fashion disaster, but those shoes are to die for. Apparently, they come from a maker of espadrilles in Barcelona called La Manual Alpargatera and are a particular Catalan variety called espadenya, with the ribbon that laces up the ankle.

A bit of Googling showed me that apparently I'm not the only one looking for these shoes. Of course, those people are looking for the shoes in First Life, which would be lovely, but I need them in Second Life.

SL is crawling with talented designers, including people who make shoes. Yet I find no espadrilles like these at Shiny Things, my favourite all-around shoe store. I have some awesome ankle-ribbon shoes from Coconut Ice, but they are stilettos. The search engine in SL Boutique is hopeless. I did a search for "espadrilles" at Linden Lifestyles and came up with only one hit for shoes that in fact are not espadrilles at all (they're not wedges, for one thing), let alone the coveted espadenya style. No hits at all at the Second Style Fashionista Blog. What's a girl to do?

Impossibly high wedges. Rope texture. Ribbons that lace up the ankle. I mean, come on, these are just so SL. Someone must make them. Or someone ought to. Au secour!

But wait. Is Style Disorder going to come to the rescue? I don't check that one regularly. Perhaps I should. A search produced one actual hit. Not quite what I'm looking for, but maybe close enough for rock and roll. We shall see!


Patrice Cournoyer said...


your shopaholic wife!

Véronique Lalonde said...

Yes, those are the ones in Style Disorder, although there you have to decipher what "DDD" stands for. Thank you, darling. The stripes aren't quite what I would want in a perfect world, and the ankle part just isn't Penelope, but they do look pretty good. I have a feeling some L$ are going to go missing from my account soon.

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Anonymous said...


Ariel said...

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Anonymous said...

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