Thursday, April 12, 2007

Burning down the house(s)

Tuesday night was the opening of my dear friend Tatsuko's club Anarchy, which is in the midst of her Underground (as in the comic and movies) role-playing SIM. Shrink-wrapped black leather is a popular choice for attire! The space is funky and unpretentious, kind of like an urban roadhouse, if you can imagine such a thing. The anarchy flag flies over the dance floor along with the flags of Japan and the former Soviet Union, just for fun.

It didn't take long for the club to fill up, based mainly on word of mouth. DJ Merik was streaming hot indie rock and lots of requests for the mostly female dancing crowd. Lots of friends there! In fact, I saw girls I hadn't seen since my early days at the Wet Kitty. Many (including me) even went topless at 8 p.m. in a kind of tribute to the old days. The place was shakin' and the pheromones were wafting, lemme tell ya!

Last night, I took a dancing shift at the Activ8 club with Ana "Booga" hosting and Blake streaming the tunes. It was pirate night, and since I don't have a pirate costume, I dressed in my "serving wench" dress from PixelDolls. Oh yes, and I added an eye patch. As usual, not everyone dresses for the theme, but there were some great pirate costumes among both the males and females. Cute guys in pirate gear tend to get my attention! In fact, three of the boys tied for first place in the contest. I never did find out which of the girls won, although I hope it was Blake's sweetie Emra, who wasn't quite dressed as a pirate but looked adorable anyway and did have a pirate hat on.

I was working furiously all night, doing my best to follow the chat, say hi to those just arriving, and throw in plenty of witty chatter to complement Ana's hosting. Things started slow and tended to ebb and flow, but by 10 o'clock the joint was jumpin'. The word was that the sim had 77 avatars on it! It wasn't long after that announcement that I noticed I couldn't move, so I knew the sim had gone belly up. I shut down my client and tried to log back in, but it was a hard crash, and it took several minutes for the sim to return. Now that's a party! We actually got a fair number of people back after the crash, which was pretty cool, and I kept working all the way to 11 (this one goes to 11). Even my Canadian flag tip jar was reasonably happy!

And I was too busy to think about taking pictures, which is too bad, because the place was really jammed.

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