Thursday, January 18, 2007


Sometimes I need counselling too. And sometimes, Dr. Phil actually has something useful to say.

Things in my Second Life for which I am thankful:
  • Patrice, my beloved wife, who loves me even when I'm not lovable, who always wants the best for me, who shares so much with me, who challenges me to do more than I think I can, and whom I love truly, madly, deeply

  • tree, who has been my friend in SL for longer than anyone, whom I met when we were rezzed on the same day, who never forgot me even though she went to the mainland way before I did, and who has done so much for me

  • Many other friends who love and care about me

  • The house on the beach in Iron Fist where I live with Patrice

  • My counselling practice, which isn't much of a business yet but is still something

  • My tiny parcel of first land, a grotty little piece of sloping grey nothing on the very edge of Bluenose sim, but hey, it's mine, and no maintenance fee

  • The hundreds of vertical metres above my parcel that I also have use of

  • The humble but serviceable very-low-prim counselling office that I built and lifted above the grotty grey slope into those hundreds of vertical metres, where I can watch the sun and moon rise and set, and where the stars are beautiful

  • The skill I am slowly acquiring as a builder, which affords me hours of pleasure and (sometimes) results in a product that I can see and use

  • The Velvet, a real rock club, the funnest club in Second Life, just down the beach from our house, which means we can even get there when teleporting is broken

  • My ever-expanding wardrobe, not just clothes and shoes but hair, eyes, skins, and accessories

  • The fact that pretty much everything in that wardrobe fits, even if I decide to exercise another option for which I am thankful, shape modification

  • The fact that I am able to afford to buy this stuff, pay my rent, and tip DJs who play cool music and other staff, even though my SL income is minimal at this point

  • All the presents that Patrice and others have given to me

  • The myriad and totally cool creations of talented people who sell their wares in SL, from clothes to textures to scripts to space ships
  • The many and varied things I can do in SL

  • The fact that Second Life exists at all, that it runs most of the time, and that I, VĂ©ronique, am alive

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