Monday, January 22, 2007

Getting in shape

A brief follow-up on the previous entry. It wasn't long after I added the postscript that I did some Googling and found a resource for shape information—, of course. Duh! I don't really like shopping through SLBoutique. I prefer to shop and buy in world. And its search function is crude at best. I mean, search in body parts for female shapes and try to figure out how those male shapes got in there! As well, I hate how entries get repeated over and over again. All these objections aside, however, this is still the only place I know where you can see an entire category of items in one place. I also like the pop-ups. Armed with SLBoutique information, I can do more targeted in-world shopping.

I'm still sticking to the modified Akaso for now. One shape designer in the SLB listings made a good point, however, about how some dresses make butts look huge. Who hasn't noticed that? I might have to create two modified Akaso shapes!

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