Friday, January 26, 2007

Off the deep end

I've seen "best in swimwear" contests in Second Life before, but I've never known of one where the club owner installed an actual swimming pool in the club. That's just what Push did last night at the Velvet. I came online a bit later than usual, so when I joined Patrice at the club a little after 8 p.m., a rockin' pool party was in full swing.

This time, I remembered to take pictures. The first time I tried, however, my SL client crashed. You don't suppose it was due to an excess of hotness in and around the pool, do you? You'll have to judge for yourselves. I'm keeping it to a couple of small samples here. I'll post more on my Flickr site when I have a chance. Ezerbet Nietzsche was dangerously fetching in a minimal purple number edged with swooping lines, almost like a tattoo (and she was tattooed as well). Vampire in a bikini—sounds like a '60s novelty song. Patrice was co-winner of the contest—woot!—and promptly doffed her top in celebration.

Lest you think there were only women in attendance, I am including a shot of Bellish Valois floating in the pool, perhaps overcome by the sight of the lovely ladies lounging nearby in their inner tubes. If you look closely, I think you can see his blue mohawk. For me, blue mohawk and pool party make a particularly amusing combination.

You can't tell from these shots, but the place was jammed. It was all I could do to stay on the blue floatie thing whilst dancing. DJ Vivianne was serving up a somewhat more classic mix than is ordinarily heard at the Velvet. I couldn't believe she actually played "Free Bird"! You can be sure I turned my speakers way down for that one. But just before I had to leave, she played Bob Mould's "Wishing Well," not something you hear in SL (or anywhere) every day, so I'm not sorry I tipped her. But I should have tipped her into the pool for digging into the Southern rock vault!

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Sorcha McConachie said...

Free Bird!! Sounds like a great evening!;)
I have yet to go to an event at the Velvet but it's the weekend and I can stay up late!