Monday, January 29, 2007

Hunka hunka burnin' love

Another Sunday, another Second Life wedding! This time it was our friends and next-door neighbours Bjerkel Eerie (in purple) and Karin McElroy (in white). They were married in the afternoon just outside the First Second Life Church of Elvis, high above Iron Fist, with the Very Reverend Elvis Faust himself officiating (using the powers vested in him by, among other things, the Nevada Gaming Commission).

Oh, it was an SL wedding all right, complete with warnings from Robin Linden of impending doom due to the usual database overload. However, the sim did not crash! I did, more than once, but that was just my lame computer crapping out when I tried to take a picture.

I had a better picture in my sights than the one to the left, but I never got to take it. As you can see, Patrice was the matron of honour. flopsie McArdle was the best (wo)man, but I was unfortunately unable to capture the actual moment of truth, and flopsie had not yet arrived when I shot this. I am at the right, standing in the wrong direction. Elvis had tried to get all the pose balls on the cake lined up, but did not quite succeed. (Just so you know, the guy in front in the kilt, whom I do not know, was away from his keyboard, not praying!)

Once the vows were spoken and the bond sealed, the cake and its passengers took off from the sky-church and floated slowly to the ground, as planned. What was not planned, however, was that Karin and Bjerkel, of all people, were left behind! As was I. Should have got a picture of that!

The reception was a small but pleasant affair down on the docks at Bjerkel and Karin's house, right next to their cool houseboat and schooner. Pogo sticks and water guns for all! I guess I wasn't the only one who didn't unpack her gift right away, although I did see Karin pogo-ing around, after removing her huge white train. Neighbours Bernie and Sari filled in on twin fiddles while Illya helped Bjerkel get the music going, although in typical SL fashion, the dancing had already commenced.

I was double booked, but I did stay long enough for the cake cutting and feeding, plus a bit of champagne. Félicitations, mes amies! Glad to have been part of your wonderful day.

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