Sunday, January 7, 2007

Some friends tie the knot—literally!

Yesterday was a happy day in Second Life. Patrice and I attended the wedding of Tatsuko Hayashida, one of my oldest friends in SL, and Peas (Amber) Gray, a delightful women who, like Tats, works at the Wet Kitty. Patrice counted 49 avatars at the ceremony. Although the lag was vicious, the sim's server did not crash. Maybe host Emma Nowhere bribed someone. Or maybe celebrant Super Calamari (Cala) cast just the right kind of spells.

You can see in the photo that not all was perfect. I think that might be Cellside's hair just to her right, not on her head. I should have got a picture of myself with a rose not in my right hand where it was supposed to be but stabbing me through the chest. Ouch! But overall, things went remarkably well.

The ceremony was called a handfast, which Cala explained is a pagan wedding ritual. You might not be able to see in the photo that there is a cord that is looped around the right wrists of Peas (in white) and Tats (in black). Cala did a beautiful job leading the ceremony. Tats and Peas spoke—well, typed—their vows to each other, causing many a virtual Kleenex to be pulled out. Cala asked each of them a series of questions, such as whether each would hurt the other (yes) and whether it would ever be intentional (no). Cala ended the ceremony by reminding the couple that it was not the cords that bound them but their own commitment to each other.

I wish I could have stayed for the reception. I'm sure that good times and much hilarity ensued—I've seen some pictures. The gowns were fabulous and the women beautiful. But I'm glad I could at least be there for the ceremony itself. It was an honour and a privilege. Tatsuko, my love, it does my heart good to see you so happy. May you and Peas share a wonderful SL together!

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