Saturday, May 5, 2007

The Jean Genie

Remember No Mom Pants? Grazia Horowitz in Second Style had written that high-waisted jeans would be coming in. Horrified at the thought, I begged and pleaded for some Second Life designer to create low-rise jeans that still covered the butt, or most of it.

Well, Eloria LeShelle of Battered Boutique has done just that. Yep, Eloria is a friend of mine, and I've done model shoots for her (if you go to any of the Battered Boutique locations, you can see). But even so, this isn't about the fact that I like Eloria. It's about her awesome jeans.

She has made them in an array of colours (the one in the pictures is "faded black"). Each colour includes jeans in the pants layer that are modifiable, so you can adjust the flare of the leg, as well as jeans in the underpants layer that are pegged so you can wear them with boots. She thought of it all! Most of all, she is seriously undercharging for these babies.

And check out the booty! Yes, that's a hint of butt crack, but really, hardly at all. I slipped on a couple of pairs of thong undies, and they didn't show. You're looking at the proof. So almost no crack, and no whale tail either.

While you're at Battered Boutique, check out her outfits and tops as well. Eloria makes cool stuff. I'd say so even if I didn't know her. I am totally in love with the Rope Dress, and the stained "no cowards" T-shirt is très cool.

[Addendum: just after I wrote this entry, Eloria came out with a line of ripped jeans as well. Woot! Walk don't run!]

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