Wednesday, May 9, 2007

The Vault previews

I did my first real DJ/hosting gig at the Velvet last night. Veronique's Vault doesn't start its regular run until next Monday, but Push needed a DJ, and I was eager to fill the slot.

Not only was I in charge of the music. I also cooked up the contest, sent out the notice to the Velvet group, and had access to the contest board and the "now playing" board. Thanks again to Jasper for clearing up a few things there, but for the most part I just clicked and followed directions. I also served as host for the evening. I like greeting people (and other critters) who come in the door anyway, and it wasn't so busy that I couldn't keep up.

I broke one of my own rules about contests: don't make anyone buy anything they don't already have, unless they really want to. The contest was "Velvet goes Hollywood," because it was the anniversary of the formation of Paramount Pictures. I should have said, however, that any kind of creative glam would do. I just happen already to own the pair of Leeloo Dallas costumes from the movie The Fifth Element. I promise to do better in future!

I streamed my usual mélange of rock, indie, punk, grunge, and Canadiana of all genres, somewhat expanded since the last time I DJed, with interjections of sound clips from movies (as is my wont), also somewhat expanded. The one from Office Space about the worker named Michael Bolton really got some people started. The quotes were flying fast and furious!

Mischief, who as you may know is a Neko, came with her attachment that frames her face with the MGM logo, which is always a big hit. Patrice was doing Audrey Hepburn in Breakfast at Tiffany's, resplendent (and I'm not just saying that) in a long slinky black gown and long black gloves, her darkest auburn hair, and a cigarette in a holder. Not surprisingly, Mischief got the most votes, followed by Patrice. We did have a very cute Marilyn Monroe type early in the evening, but she didn't stick around.

With all the balls I had to keep in the air (I rarely cue up more than one song in advance, because I want to "feel" what the next song should be), I did not add the ball of picture taking. Sad, I know. You should have come down, if only to see Mischief in her get-up. Starting next week, I will be rockin' the house every Monday. Be there or be cubical!

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