Monday, May 14, 2007

V Dizzle fo shizzle

Tonight was the official debut of Veronique's Vault at the Velvet. Vividly vivacious! Can we squeeze any more Vs into a sentence?

I am still lame about contests. I should let Push choose something. I thought this one would work: first outfit you bought in Second Life, or the oldest one you still have. It's not often that I wear the first outfit I ever bought, but I do still use the hair on occasion, and the first shoes are still some of my best and most useful (and change colour too). But I guess a lot of people have dumped their early stuff. At any rate, the contest was not the most stimulating part of the evening. Some contestants, but votes were scarce, despite my repeated encouragement. Mischief won again. Patrice came in second again. Since I was handing out the money, I did not vote, so it wasn't me who lifted Patrice into second place.

Not a bad crowd for a Monday with a new DJ. I learned something about announcements via IM. Now, I hate, hate, HATE IM spam. I have left groups because of it. But even though I had sent out the official announcement a little after 6, at 7:30 there were still only a few people in the club. So I did a bad thing and broadcast to the Velvet list. I know it's wrong, but I'm weak. Thing is, it worked. Shortly after the spam, there were a lot more people at the club. Oh dear. I will have to be more forgiving of IM spam from now on. At least some of it.

The club wasn't super-full, but there were more people there than my photo shows (or than show in Patrice's photo, which she kindly shot and sent to me). And notice the person dancing in the cage, which is always fun. I got good feedback from several people. Thank you! I strike out on a lot of requests, because my music library is still pretty small, so I appreciate people's indulgence. And I do have some rather unusual stuff to play (along with plenty of more-usual stuff), so I'm glad that people go for it. ComradeX and September came by! I hadn't seen them in a long time. I think they've been busy in First Life. It happens.

Next Monday is Victoria Day in Canada. The set will feature every Canadian artist I have, which at this point is more than two dozen, plus some other music that fits in. The contest will be about Canadian stereotypes, and anti-Canadian abuse will be the order of the evening (and don't forget those pea-soup-and-poutine-eating French speakers). Think you can handle that, my non-Canadian friends?


Mischief said...

Well, I thought it was a good contest, though seriously I never in my dreams thought I'd win. I wasn't even begging for votes as per normal. ;P

The outfit I was wearing was the leather skirt from my dark jedi robes. The rest being a rough n' tumble action outfit from Pixel Dolls. Both acquired in the early weeks of my exploring the world and often mixed and matched as I'd go clubbing at Hot Licks.

The hair was my first prim hair, 'Girl Next Door' from Girl6. I really like this one, but being pre-flexi, the pony tail has an annoying habit of impaling me and shooting out of my chest (a la chestburster scene in Alien) if I lean too far back, so it stays tucked in the back of my inventory.

The goggles, I must admit were a mid-summer purchase. I should have worn my green shades as they were circa May 2006.

VĂ©ronique Lalonde said...

Ah, see, that was the problem, I guess. It was an intellectual contest. :) I was wearing my first prim hair, from Gurl 6 as well -- Midnight Rain, I believe. The outfit was from Adored, as were the shoes. I really agonized in those days whether to pay, I can't remember, maybe 400 lira for them? But they change colour, and I still wear them 'cause they're really nice shoes. Very versatile, nicely designed.

Oh, and that was my old Gala skin, which I wore until I got hooked on Hybrid II. Not quite the first I paid for, which was an inexpensive but decent skin from the Opium 1.0 line (Alaska Metropolitan).

If you ever get a contest idea, I'm definitely open to suggestions. :)