Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Art of Living

All is not really black emptiness, despite that last entry. I was kind of lonely and in a mood that night, and I channelled it purposely into some writing. I like how it turned out. Downtown is kind of an inspiring place.

It's been three days with no blog entry, and I can't let that go on, but it has not been a terribly eventful three days. Friday and Saturday nights are usually for First Life, and this past weekend was no exception. I could write about great Indonesian food and the film The Queen on DVD, but that wouldn't be quite right. I was at the Velvet very late on Saturday night, past Patrice's bedtime (recall that she is three hours later than I am), and danced for a while. Still not very blog-worthy. And I ended up kind of lonely again, so I got into jammies (with dropped drawers), lay on the bed, and thought about my sweetheart.

But earlier on Saturday, Cell (Cellside Unknown) sent out a broadcast message that he (he's mainly being a he these days) was DJing for a gallery opening. I figured I'd pop in to listen to music and see what was happening. Well, it turned out to be an opening for artist Sysperia Poppy. I remembered that I'd read about her work in Emma Nowhere's blog. I looked around the gallery and was struck by several of the photographs, but especially by one called "Warrioress." So I splurged and got it (really not a bad price for such a nice piece), and Syssy also let me have another non-limited edition shot. They were huge as displayed at the gallery, but Sys assured me that they could be resized.

So I took them to my office-studio and was about to try to cram at least one onto the bedroom wall when I realized that only the studio downstairs would give me the space to do them justice. So that's where I set them up. It's not much of a gallery, but it's much livelier than it was. And Mischief's cartoon doesn't look so lonely.

Today was seven months since Patrice and I got married. She gave me a great present, a tandem bicycle that we hope to ride together on some of the new sims she's working on. I must admit that I was thinking of Mother's Day and forgot about our seven months, but I had thought even on Saturday that Patrice might like "Warrioress." So today I beamed her over to the studio to see the photos. She liked them, but didn't quite click. I told her I'd buy her something from the gallery, so we teleported over there, where we happened to meet Sys and her partner Zoe. What Patrice ended up with was a beautiful, sad photo of our friend Cala (Super Calamari), part of the same series from which Emma has a photo.

I'm going to keep my eye out for more work by Sysperia.

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