Monday, May 7, 2007

Descriptive video

Argh! I completely forgot to take pictures at Mischief's rezday party! OK, here are my excuses.

See, I got there about twenty after six, and there was no music. Someone was dancing, but let's not ask to what. The music stream was not going, and Jasper was offline. So I told Mischief that I would try to get some tunes going. I connected successfully to the Velvet server, but still nada. Repeated tries in various configurations yielded no results.

Thankfully, Push soon came online and flipped the switch. See, some DJs use their own servers to stream into clubs. I think that's what happened here—someone else's server was connected to the club. As soon as Push whacked it, I was on the air. So I played songs for a while until Jasper finally showed up. During this time, I had a friend in distress, Patrice arrived, and at least a couple more IMs came in as well. So I was dancing, and not just my avatar.

Then when Jasper arrived and took over, I was much relieved. I still had a friend in distress, but at least I had a bit more breathing room. But by the time everything had calmed down, I was totally not thinking of taking pictures. Wah!

Mischief had on a lovely new long dress too, with a really low back. And Patrice was all sexeh in black, as was I. And many people showed up to dance to Mischief's rather unusual series of requests. Patrice even got Jasper to play Gilbert and Sullivan's "Modern Major General." That's not something you'll hear at the Velvet every day!

Oh, if only I had got a shot of Mischief on the stripper pole, with big black "censored" signs over her nether regions.

At any rate, a splendid time was had by all. Patrice and I had to leave kind of early, because these days Patrice is getting up before dawn to rendezvous with her Italian land-owning clients (she is doing a very large terraforming project). And I should have gone to bed already, since I was up at 5:30 and will be up at 5:30 again tomorrow.

Mischief Fairymeadow, one year in world today. Happy happy, and many more to come!

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