Sunday, March 11, 2007

Tee time

So I did go play some golf with Looky yesterday, and she was right—it is beaucoup fun! I got online later in the afternoon than I expected, with less time to spend. By the time I'd read all the preliminary material and done a bit of practice on the driving range, we had time for only a couple of holes. But with Looky's help (I'm sure I would have learned much more slowly without it), it was enough to show me the basics of how SL golf (or floG, as the HUD says) is done and to know that I want to block out time for more.

The simulation is very good. Indeed, it's a lot like golf in First Life. Smacking a long drive straight down the fairway takes some practice, but it's not too hard, even with the breeze influencing the direction of flight. But the closer you get to the pin, the more finesse is required. I had the benefit of Looky advising me on club choice, but when you're down to a pitching wedge or a putter, it's hard to figure out what percentage of force you should use. And that's exactly right, as anyone who has been on a putting green knows. On the first hole, I actually made the green in two, but then I three-putted. I think it took me three strokes to hit the second green, but again, two putts. Still, I can't feel too bad about two bogies on my first two holes ever. At least they weren't double bogies.

Second Life golf is like FL golf in other ways as well. It's not cheap, although I got a lot of enjoyment out of what I paid. I think you save money by joining the club. As well, it's not fast. It's quite leisurely, which is how golf should be. Unfortunately, that means you should plan on a fair amount of online time, not always easy for me to do. I also find it interesting that the scorecard does not work automatically. So there's one more way in which this is like FL golf—you can cheat.

I'm looking forward to when we can get a foursome together. Patrice really should take this up. It's practically traditional for hockey players to play golf in the off season!

So why, you may ask, did I not take any pictures? Well, think lag. They are really serious about lag. That means I divested myself of every prim that was attached to me—not just skirt, shoes, jewellery, and various devices. We're talking prim hair as well! So I was not about to illustrate this blog with a shot of Looky with her texture hair and me, since I loathe texture hair, completely bald. You'll just have to imagine.

[Addendum: OK, Looky insisted that she be allowed to illustrate this entry. She was an excellent golf instructor, so who am I to deny her? Notice that there is no bald Veronique in the shot, thankfully! I think this picture is Looky watching the trajectory of one of my awesome beginner's luck drives.]

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