Sunday, March 25, 2007

Steady as she goes

This is just a brief entry upon my return from a few days' holiday in First Life. It was nice to get away for a bit, but nice to be home as well. One of the first things I noticed upon getting back to this computer is that after four days of driving, walking, touring, clothes buying, book buying, gourmet eating, and hanging out in brewpubs, typing is not so easy! Somehow the fingers aren't working quite right.

Happily, I saw Patrice briefly this evening. I alluded in the last entry to some changes. I will probably not be seeing much of her for a while. It has to do with her FL. She is in good health, so it's not that, but it is not my place to say more. She will still be getting online earlier in the day to take care of her terraforming work, and she will probably be posting about it. You might think this is weird, but rest assured that our relationship is in very good shape, after nearly six months, and you can confirm that with her if you know her. I love Patrice dearly, and I have no doubt that this reciprocated.

Still, things might be a bit strange and disorienting for me for a while. I might sign up for more shifts at Activ8. I do need to pry myself away from Second Life to do some work in my FL perennial garden. It's that time of year. I also have friends in SL who care about me and for whom I am ever grateful. I would like to spend time with them. And hopefully I will be writing for more than this blog soon. I'll post more on that if it happens.

And next time I post here, I will try to make sure it is more interesting than this entry!

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