Wednesday, March 21, 2007

First things first

Sometimes, First Life asserts itself and pushes Second Life aside. That's as it should be. Much as I love my alternate existence, FL has to come first. After all, without FL, there is no SL.

So I'm a bit behind on this blog, which I try to update every couple of days. I haven't written that Patrice and I had a lovely time on Monday night dancing at Jade's Jazz Lounge, where of course I forgot to take pictures of us looking très elegantes in our beautiful gowns, tripping the light fantastic. I haven't written that I finished the combined office and studio and even put it up near 500 metres, above my flying neighbours on Bluenose.

And I haven't written about another First Life thing that might change my SL world, might turn it upside down. I'm not ready for that yet. I'm waiting to see how it actually plays out.

Meanwhile, this blog is going to lag a little again. I probably won't be able to post another entry until at least Sunday. And right now, I need to finish the final assignment for my counselling course and go to the penultimate class this evening to hand it in. I also have an interview coming up for a volunteer gig that I need in order to be admitted to the counselling certificate program in September.

So much FL! But I'm not done with SL. Not by a long shot. Ciao for now.

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