Friday, March 16, 2007

The Ides have it

The Ides of March were a bummer for Julius Caesar, but they were berry berry good to me.

For starters, I had a client in the afternoon. The counselling thing has been slow lately. I even lowered my rate. So it was good to have a session.

Then later, I got the Velvet announcement in my email. As I read it, all about the Ides and Caesar, I thought it was going to be a toga party. I thought, cool, I don't have a toga, but I could use an excuse to buy one. Especially those sandals that lace up the leg. I have always wanted a pair of those.

But it turned out to be a "best in red" night, red being the colour of Caesar's and everyone else's blood (except Mr. Spock's). Actually, it was a sort of red/pink/toga night, with pink in there because DJ Vivianne is into pink, not red. So maybe red or faded red. At any rate, I might not have a toga, but I have tons of red. Since sex sells, I pulled out the Dolly Rock red dress unzipped down to there (a First Life impossibility, at least without some kind of tape) and with a skirt up to here, plus a full body tattoo coloured red (from L.A.M.E. Designs), my Coconut Ice party shoes with red laces, and the shamrock gold jewellery set that Patrice just gave me (goes as well with red as with green).

In the photo with me are two of my favourite people in Second Life, Emma Nowhere and Mischief Fairymeadow. We had a kind of symmetry going, since Emma was on the same dance ball as I was while Mischief, in the middle, was on a different one. Not sure who the guy in the background is.

I thought the contest winner would be the person whose avatar for the evening was a giant pitcher of red Kool-Aid. I mean, that was a really good gimmick. But maybe she got a bit too annoying with the five-metre-long red penis that she periodically attached to the avatar. It didn't really whack anyone while we danced, but it kind of felt like that. When the votes were counted, I was surprised and pleased and gratified to learn that the winner was yours truly.

And finally, if that wasn't enough, Patrice came online! She was pretty tired from her return trip, but not too tired, nudge nudge. It was so good to see her after eight days without her.

Oh, and the two gigs of memory seem to be doing a great job. The Velvet got pretty crowded last night, and my client software was behaving quite well. Sometimes, (second) life is good!

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Bailey Toland said...

Tought I'd check The Velvet out since you always write about it so positively, but I actually only ended up hanging out outside of the club. But...I'm getting there (though quite slowly lol)