Thursday, March 15, 2007

The name's Lalonde... Veronique Lalonde

Hey, it rhymes with Bond!

On Tuesday, with Patrice still away, I took a shift as a dancer at Activ8. Yes, I signed up with Activ8 to work as a model. No, there hasn't been anything in the modelling area since that tattoo shoot. Yes, this is a bit disappointing. At this point, the Activ8 organization seems to have its focus on the club scene, first with the Activ8 Club (kind of a disco), and now with the addition of the Activ8 Pub. So, I try to sign up for some dancer or greeter shifts, to help where help is needed, to make money, and to try to keep myself well positioned for modelling gigs whenever they happen.

The theme on Tuesday was spies, so I came dressed in my 1960s black minidress (Carnaby Street) with '60s blond hair (ETD), shades (DTK), and a pair of long black gloves that Patrice gave me. OMG, I don't even look like myself! Must be a good disguise. New DJ Ern alternated between music I loved and music I hated, but that's bound to happen given my particular tastes in music. The club got pretty full, and I crashed at one point while trying to manoeuvre my camera to get a better look at the contest board. It wasn't a Second Life crash. It was my SL client getting completely hosed from too much swapping to disk. That's when happens when there is a ton of visual information and your computer has only (only!) 512 MB of memory (the SL web site still says 256 MB works as a minimum, which is a bit of a joke).

I had fun though. 3corner dropped by for a while at the beginning of my shift. Later, first Tatsuko and then Govindira came to keep me company. Host Ana was in an almost perfect disguise—surrounded by an invisible prim! Her name was still floating above her head, though. There were a few men in tuxes, but I think there should have been more, and definitely more femmes fatales. Let's get with the program, people!

By the way, the photo illustrates when happens when you forget that you've left "include interface" on. I don't usually take pictures with all that stuff in the frame, except for a special reason. Oh, and about that memory. This machine is now turbo-charged with 2 GB of RAM, the maximum that the motherboard will hold. Same old recommended but not stellar ATI graphics card, same DSL, but at least I should be able to handle full clubs and visual overload better. We shall see next time I'm at the club.

Come on by the Activ8 Club, and if I'm working, look for the Canadian flag tip jar up by the DJ booth. Consider it the Veronique Lalonde shopping fund, through which I plow money back into the SL economy. It's all good!

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