Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Ariadne's thread

Patrice managed to get into Second Life last night. She should not have done so, but I'm glad she did. My darling is under stress. She is full of anxiety. I wished so much that we actually could have touched, that I could have held her in First Life. She needs to be held. But we made do with our only contact, through our avatars, that fine thread snaking through the labyrinth of the Internet and Second Life.

She showed up wearing a black kimono and some Japanese-style—but flaming red, as is her wont—hair, which is very complimentary. I could see a bit of purple tattoo on her upper chest. She never wears tattoos, but I love them. She had worn it for me. When I saw her, I just melted.

She wanted to go shopping. We haven't been out shopping in quite a while. She looked so beautiful, however, that I convinced her to head to my studio first. I haven't done any studio photography recently, and had not yet tried out the new studio with its curved wall. The session was a bit frustrating. I can animate a model with my Huddles EZ-Animator Plus, but it wasn't working right for me. I could see the animations only some of the time, even though Patrice could always see them. Actually, the animator was working fine, but my client was borked for some mysterious reason. Who can 'splain? I should have logged out and then in again, but I didn't think of it at the time. I still managed to get some nice shots, which I will post on my Flickr site.

The photo session chewed up the time we could have used to go shopping. I'll have to make sure that happens at the next opportunity. We went upstairs from the photo studio to my office and from there into the apartment behind it. Using my underpowered Sexgen rug on my home-made bed in my little wee apartment 500 metres over my grotty first land, we made the sweetest love. It felt like when we were new, when life was simpler, when we had little but each other. It was wonderful.

We could not just fade out on the bed, unfortunately. I had a late meeting with Cheri Norton, publisher of PixelPulse Magazine. More on that as things develop. So Patrice and I had to break our embrace until the next time, whenever that will be, maybe tonight, maybe later. Sometimes when there are things going wrong, when the thread seems to be stretched very thin, love becomes even more intense. We will make it through.

[Addendum: Yoiks! The date did not ring a bell. Must have been that brief vacation and anxiety over my counselling course (which I passed) getting me all disoriented. On this day, six months ago, Patrice and I became official Second Life partners—plighted our troth, as it were. How appropriate that we had such a simple, lovely evening. O happy six months!]

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