Thursday, February 22, 2007

The post-game show

Patrice has started playing hockey in the Second Life Hockey League. The league has recently expanded from two to four teams and has begun a new season. Patrice is playing for the Whales, which have a logo that looks a lot like an orca (killer whale), which just happens to be the logo of my beloved Vancouver Canucks. In fact, I bought a Canucks third jersey (dark red and blue) when I was at the rink the other night. Officially licensed? Let's not go there.

It was the first time I'd been online at the right time to be able to watch Patrice play. I found that it wasn't always easy to see the puck, but it was still fun to watch. I zoomed around with the camera controls to get closer to the action, but it can actually move pretty quickly, so pulling back was sometimes wise. The Whales beat the Cobras by one goal in a hard-fought four-on-four battle. That's a hint that if you are inclined to play hockey (I am) and have the time to do so (I don't), there is probably room for you.

Forgot to take photos. Too busy cheering for the Whales! Next time, the camera must come out.

After the victory, I couldn't stay online for very much longer, and we'd already missed the contest at the Velvet. So we got totally femmed up, and Patrice took me to a place she'd recently discovered called Mysteria. This is one of those places that allows men only if they are accompanied by a woman, the purpose being to keep out guys who only want to pick up girls. It's a large complex with several different facilities, including a disco and an area with hot tubs.

It was fairly quiet when we got there. We ended up hanging out on the beach. With Patrice all pumped up after the game, it was hard to get her to lie still on the posing couch while I took some photos, but I managed to keep her there for a couple of minutes anyway. I like hanging out on those kinds of things, talking and relaxing. We also ran into another Wet Kitty refugee, a friend of ours called Friggin Kitty, and we danced with her and her friend (or girlfriend, not sure) for a while, and later were joined by others. The sim's stream was techno. Not sure what the music in the disco normally is, but techno is not something I can take for very long. Music is one of the things that keeps me at places like the Velvet. More rock clubs in Second Life!

Despite the techno, we'll have to check out Mysteria again some time. It's nice to expand our horizons, if only so I can wear clothes that I might not normally get to wear!

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