Sunday, February 18, 2007

My theory, which is mine

I started out in Second Life as bisexual but primarily heterosexual. Not too long after I walked into the Wet Kitty, a girl hangout, I was getting intimate with Tatsuko, and not long after that I fell in love with Patrice. I have seen this happen more than once in SL—avowedly straight women falling in love with lesbians and vice versa, and straight women falling in love with each other. I've seen this often enough so that I'm beginning to sense a pattern.

My theory, which is mine, goes like this. Ahem, a-hem. A-HEM. At some point, most women in SL will end up with other women, either temporarily or permanently.

No doubt there are exceptions to this theory, maybe even many at this point, but then there is still plenty of time, eh?

It's not going to stop with SL. Let's face it. In First Life, the majority of men are simply unsuitable companions for the majority of women. What most men want is nothing like what most women want to give, and vice versa. Never mind Mars and Venus. We're talking parallel universes. So more and more, women in FL, as in SL, will end up with each other. Technology will come to the rescue of heterosexual men by allowing the creation of android geishas, perhaps only virtual geishas at first but eventually geishas that are human in all ways except in having their own will. Procreation will be either via artificial insemination or strictly procreative sex. The world will be left with only a remnant of heterosexual men and women who want to be with each other.

So you see? SL is once again on the leading edge of human development. You heard it here first, or maybe second or third. Whatevah.


Bailey Toland said...

Loved the futuristic paragraph in the end :-). I quite agree with you (well, that's not all that surprising ;-)) Men and women just aren't designed to get each other... It's complicated to find a spiritual connection with anyone already, and doing it with a guy...catastrophy (ok there are some exceptions...).

Btw, studies have proved that 70% of women are somewhat bisexual. There are no aparent given signs of it at birth, because sexuality simply too defined when it comes up to women. Gay men supposedly have a different inner ear bone structure, they are different from the start. Therefore there isn't this bisexual tendency in the case of the majority of men. What I've always liked to say is that while men only accept the best (women), the women must have learned to have lower requirements (men), but obviously still are into the best (women), I sound like such a feminist. I don't have anything against guys, really....

Patrice Cournoyer said...

I love your theory (which is yours) darling, and I will do whatever I can to make it an SL reality ;-).

Bailey, welcome to the team!

VĂ©ronique Lalonde said...

Oh dear. Now people are going to think there really is a gay agenda, complete with active recruitment. We don't want to be alarming social reactionaries and helping the maudits Conservatives get re-elected, do we? :)

Michael said...

Interesting. What you forget is that half of the Lesbians in SL are actually men. And about half of the straight women in SL are men as well.

(P.S. I got the Monthy Python reference...)