Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Dragon Girl

When I started this blog, I kind of rushed through my early life in order to set up for the most significant event: meeting Patrice. I mentioned Tatsuko, but did not tell the whole story. Tats, being a girl with a healthy ego, has always wanted me to provide more details.

The first time I walked into the Wet Kitty, I was only about a month old. I think I was wearing something fairly risqué, probably a black crocheted number that was part of some freebie kit. With my limp computer, rez was and is often rather slow. That contributed to my often being unable to find the dance ball in a new place.

Dancing on a table to my right was a beautiful semi-naked girl covered with colourful Yakuza-style tattoos. Her name was Tatsuko Hayashida, an exotic name for an exotic girl. She has since told me that her first name means "dragon girl." Since she was an employee of the club, I IMed her to ask about the dance ball. "Moshi moshi," I typed. I had once been told, incorrectly as it turns out, that this is Japanese for "excuse me." It's definitely the way one answers the telephone in Japan. I sometimes use it to start an IM conversation, but this time maybe it was Tats's name that prompted me to type it. At any rate, she asked me if I wanted her telephone number. Being still fairly new, I was completely befuddled. Were there telephone numbers in Second Life? After a bit of confused conversation, I finally figured out that Tats has a dry sense of humour, and you have to watch out for when she's kidding about something.

Newbies tend to offer friendship at the drop of a hat, but I was starting to go more slowly. Tatsuko did something very sweet. She said something like, I would not be averse to an offer of friendship. No one had ever done it so politely before. I was touched and immediately followed through. I have remembered that approach ever since.

Since Tats had finished her shift, she invited me back to her house. Even though I was still green, I was savvy enough to read her profile and see that she had a partner named Super Calamari, because I had a feeling that more than friendship might be involved. When I asked about her partnership, she assured me that the relationship was not exclusive. So I went to her and Cala's house, more a palace really, a big, beautiful place with a pool right in the middle of the room we were in. I was introduced to Cala, a gorgeous faerie with white skin, purple hair, and purple tattoos, as well as to a few other women. We danced around the pool in various states of undress. This was all quite new to me but exhilarating. I did not stay long, but before I left I had been invited to a party at Cala's nude beach on Friday night.

I can't quite remember how this next part happened. Tats probably knows and will give me grief for forgetting. I think it was the next day that she invited me to her house again. We were alone. When I first started on SL, I said I was bisexual, but up to this point I'd only had sex with men. Was I really bisexual in more than theory? I found out, in a big way. Tatsuko showed this newbie a hot, beautiful, tender, wonderful, thrilling time. I knew she and Cala were a legendary couple. I knew this wasn't going anywhere. I have found that I'm not that good with casual sex, but at that point it was liberating.

More hazy chronology. I can't remember if this took place before Labour Day, when I was offline for several days, or after. I do remember that Cala's party was the Friday after Labour Day, September 8. Tatsuko, usually online much of the day, was not around at all that week. Friday night came, and still no Tats. I IMed Cala, who told me that Tats was offline for a few days, but she told me that I was still quite welcome at the party. Which I went to alone. Where I met Patrice. Which is another story.

When Tatsuko reappeared, she and Cala was no longer partnered. This was a bit of a shock, because as I said, their love had been kind of legendary. No, I did not cause the breakup. Cala and I have been friends since we met. There were other reasons. By the time this happened, I was becoming involved with Patrice, something I have never regretted.

Tats remains one of my best friends in SL. She was kind and generous during a very bad patch, when I thought everyone was going to hate me (not everyone who says her relationship is non-exclusive is telling you the truth). She has always been a loving friend, even when her own life has been difficult. Dragon girl doesn't breathe fire. She is strong, but there is a fragility about her as well. I try to make sure to take care of that.


Cala, Wired Faerie said...

so one amazing tangent off of this story, besides the further adventures of Patrice and Veronique (which I look forward to hearing) is that of Tats and I.
Fast forward a couple months RL, aka several years 1st Life, and Tats has found a wonder, a beauty, for her life- Amber aka Peas Gray. I adore them both. Only in secondlife could this happen, but knowing what a spiritual witch I am, they ask me to perform their wedding, which I tearfully and happily agree. Piccies to follow but there is one wonderful pic of some of the attendees and hints to one of the spells I built to bind the mating.

Melissa Yeuxdoux said...

What a touching story! I love reading your blog.

(In case the need ever comes up again... if you want to ask a question, you might start out with "Ano... sumimasen ga.." (Uh, excuse me, but...) and then wait for an acknowledgement.)

Caterin said...

Indeed, a lovely story, thanks for sharing...C