Sunday, February 25, 2007

Paradise not-yet-lost

OK, to start with, Blogging Rule #1: Post frequently. But see Rule #2.

Blogging Rule #2: Have something to say. But don't forget Rule #1. Heh heh.

I haven't managed to get my dear sister tree into my photo studio (for photos only, I sweahtagawd!). She's too busy working on her new beach house with her boyfriend Raul. So instead, I shall feature her garden, which might not be long for this world.

tree got her first land before I did, in a sim called Nabi. In time, she also bought 2,048m2 more land in the sim. There, surrounded by for sale signs and tons of other typically ugly first land stuff, she built a garden, a sort of urban oasis in the midst of capitalism run amok.

I think she did most of the building, including the waterfall. She learned a lot about building when she first jumped to the mainland (and I have learned from her). She made high walls, like an English garden, so you wouldn't have to look at what's outside. And she put in all the relaxing pose balls and things like the hammock. There's an apple tree that drops blossoms everywhere. And there are butterflies fluttering by as well.

On two walls, you can also see paintings by tree and by some friends. I bought one to hang in my counselling office. They are for sale to anyone who comes by.

And anyone can come by. The park is simply there for weary wanderers. That's the kind of generous person tree is. She used to joke that she got more traffic than a nearby club. I can believe it! The garden is a very relaxing place just to see and think or to sit and talk. The first time Sorcha and I had a real chance to talk, that's where I took her.

Sadly, the land is for sale. tree and Raul have their own land to deal with. So you might want to drop by while you can, and you'll have to ignore one thing—an ugly for sale sign! (It's just to the right of the frame in the photo above.) If I can figure out how to do it, I'll post a SLurl here.

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