Saturday, December 16, 2006

More on those Fates

I don't believe in fate, so I'm kidding when I make reference to "the Fates." However, it's definitely weird to think of how things lined up to bring Patrice and me together, out of a million (at the time) residents of Second Life. If I hadn't been feeling dumped... If I hadn't been sick of the clubs I was hanging out in... If Tats hadn't shown me such kindness... If she hadn't then gone offline for a week or so... If Patrice hadn't just lost her roommate, her house, her land, and most of her life... If her friend Mischief hadn't dragged her to the beach party to cheer her up... If we didn't both speak French... All these circumstances began something that is still growing more wonderful by the day. I'll get to that story when I have more time.

Hey, maybe the Lindens really are gods! Or maybe it's just the kindly trickster Torley who brings the right people together.

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Torley said...

I just found this, Veronique. *smile* Let's just say I love making connections and bringing good people together to do great things. Many things aren't clear going forward, but it's amazing to me how many events have worked out well in hindsight. :)

(I like being called a "kindly trickster"!)