Friday, December 15, 2006

The Fates bring Patrice and me together

So here I am, just been kind of dumped (not really, but it felt like that). I'm thinking that I need to find some new places to hang out. I do a search for punk. Among other hits, I find the Wet Kitty. The description looks promising, naughty little British haunt, etc. Lesbian? So what? I'm a two-spirited girl. A lesbian hangout is no problem for me.

I teleport over, walk in, and right away I can tell the music is going to be to my liking. The Wet Kitty plays Radio Akasha, which seems to be a mix of techno, old punk and new wave, and other music not so easily classified. It was working for me!

As always, I'm looking around for the dance ball. I could never find the frigging dance ball in those days. I IM the club employee nearest to me—a beautiful, semi-naked and very tattooed dancer named Tatsuko. Tats is a sweetheart, and makes me feel comfortable in a new place. When she quits work, she brings me to her house to meet her (then) wife, Super Calamari, known as Cala, a gorgeous faerie with white skin, purple hair, and beautiful purple tattoos. It's pretty much a nude zone, so here I am dancing in this strange house, naked, surrounded by other naked women. This is definitely a new world!

Cala's having this party at her beach on Friday, and I'm invited. But when Friday comes around, Tats has gone offline for a period of time, and she's my connection. No worries—Cala says come on by. So I'm dancing up a storm by myself, mingling with and meeting new people. Naomi the DJ, a semi-feline (I've learned since that she is called a Neko), offers me friendship. A pretty red-haired woman named Patrice offers me friendship. I find out that she speaks French, so we start chattering away. A connection is starting to form.

Time in Second Life moves very fast. I'm pretty sure it was the very next day when things went from friendly to serious. Patrice and I met, talked, discussed, and kind of felt our way forward. Was I ready for this? It's a good thing I didn't know at the time that she was on the rebound, not just from a relationship but from a previous avatar. To an extent, she was starting her Second Life over again. All I knew then was that an intense passion was starting to overwhelm me, and it was wonderful.

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