Friday, December 15, 2006

Has it been only four and a half months?

My "rez day," the day I was created in Second Life, was July 30, 2006. It's hard to believe that not even five months have passed since I started trying to cram two lives into one. You've noticed that Second Life doesn't come with 24 extra hours? Oy.

I spent more time on Help Island than thousands of other newbies combined. Mainly I was waiting for a new graphics board to arrive. Running SL was pretty painful using the so-called built-in (i.e., nonexistent) graphics board that came with this very non-graphical Dell machine. The time was not wasted, however, even though it did get boring after a while. I went through the building tutorial several times. I worked out a lot of the basics. By the time I jumped to the mainland, I thought I had to be ready.

Well, sort of. I landed at the Ambat Infohub in the dark, not having learned how to force sunrise or noon or sunset. If it hadn't been for my friend tree, who had jumped several days before I did and was that much more savvy, I might have floundered hopelessly. As it was, tree was a great help in raising my comfort level with a world that can be pretty confusing. I love ya, girl!

I got another hand up from a knight in shining armour. I was shopping for something, don't remember what, and the search led me to Bad Girls. So here I was, pathetic noob, still not having learned how to force daytime, landing on the boardwalk outside Bad Girls in the dark. Suddenly I was getting IMed by a guy I'll call M-, who seemed to be inside the club. Clearly, even though I was only an avatar, I had the look of someone in serious need of help. I did manage to meet M- face to face before the encounter was over, and I was definitely interested in seeing him again. Fortunately, he was of like mind.

We did see each other for a while. It never got that serious. It felt more serious to me, no doubt too soon, which complicated things and eventually led to the affair fizzling out. But it was lovely while it lasted.

A new chapter begins in September, with a broken-hearted two-spirited girl looking for a good rock club and finding much more. To be continued.

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