Thursday, September 6, 2007

Where's the manual?

A little while ago, I find myself waiting for something, can't remember what. Had some time to kill anyway. So Merik sends me a landmark for Greenies. I've heard about Greenies, the build in which you're really small in a big house, like mouse sized, and in which the house has been invaded by little green aliens.

So I whoosh over there and start looking around. And after a while I start to wonder, what's the big deal? A lot of what I'm seeing is cute, but it seems kind of static. I see some groups of people, but I don't know them, and they don't say hi. So I just wander around a bit, shooting pictures, thinking there must be more to this place than what I'm seeing.

Apparently there is, from what I've been reading. People are enthralled by this build. Of course, if you just arrive there with no prior knowledge, I guess you might miss all the fun. It's sort of the epitome of the problem with Second Life in general. If you're motivated and work at it, you can figure things out. Or else if you're lucky enough to run into someone who knows her or his way around and shows you the ropes, then you might become engaged in the place. Otherwise, you might wonder what all the fuss is about.

I think I made a couple of mistakes when I went to Greenies. One was to go alone. I didn't have anyone to go with at the time! But I can believe that the experience is more fun if it's shared. The other mistake was to be more of an observer than a participant. I'm not entirely sure how to participate in this build, but apparently you can, so I should have clicked on a few more things and dug into a few more holes. If I had, perhaps more things would have come to life.

And I would have had more fun.

If anyone is still reading this pathetic blog that doesn't get updated nearly often enough, I imagine I'll get all kinds of advice on how to have more fun at Greenies. :)


Peter Stindberg said...

Have you found the rat under the fridge?

Therese Carfagno said...

Awww, Veronique, it's definitely more fun to visit the greenies with someone and share the experience. Why don't you, Caterine and me go there one day? I promised Caterine a long time ago to show her, but haven't taken her yet.

Veronique Lalonde said...

No, Peter, the rat is just one of the many things I no doubt missed. Therese -- sounds like a plan! I'd love to see you and Cat anyway. Now, if we can ever get time zones sorted out....

Anonymous said...

Lots of new stuff at the sim now! Come back and say hi!

Free Gift on the floor by the chair!

Also take a little look at a web photo albulm!

Love, Verde