Thursday, August 30, 2007

Farewell, little sister

When I first started this blog, I also started to accumulate links to other blogs. Patrice's blog had a link to Cheyenne's, and hers had a link to Sorcha's. At least I think that's how the chain went. And I'm pretty sure it was Sorcha's that had a link to Bailey Toland's blog.

I met Bailey in Second Life at my office once, and a few times after that. We would also IM from time to time. We were never close buds, but I enjoyed the time I spent with her. I thought of her a bit like a little sister (she is much younger than me), and in fact one of the reasons I got banned from a certain parcel (that I have never named in writing) was because I was being protective of her. I also met other wonderful people through her, including Caterin, her piano playing friend, and Therese (well, indirectly), who officiated at Bailey and Taimi's wedding.

I said goodbye to her yesterday, and I'm a bit weepy as I write this. I hate goodbyes. She says she will no longer be participating in SL. She went on holidays and discovered that she needed to pay more attention to her first life. You can't fault someone for that.

I always enjoyed reading about Bailey's adventures in her blog. I'm sorry she deleted it. She is not a native speaker of English, but her command of English was very good, and she wrote well. In her second language, her personality came shining through.

Take care, Bailey, and live your first life to the fullest! I hope that your second life was a good experience. I know there were both joy and tears and that many people love you.


Caterin Semyorka said...

Hi Veronique, it was sad wasn't it? I spent some time in a snowy graveyard saying my farewells to B. She felt like a sister to me as a lot of people as it goes.

She left for the right reasons though, SL demands so much of one's time, I know it is something I struggle with.

Cat x

Therese said...

Hi Veronique. Such beautiful words you've written about Bailey, I can only agree. I was with Caterin in the snowy graveyard and got to say goodbye to her as well. You can see a picture of us on my flickr page.

I agree with Cat too: Bailey left for the right reasons, and I like to think of her as happy now.