Friday, June 8, 2007

Impulse buying

If there's anything that Second Life is about more than sex, it's shopping, especially clothes shopping. The place is just loaded with shops full of clothes that have been designed and created by SL residents. Some of what I've seen is appalling. Some is just inept, and might improve with time and practice. But I'm amazed at the amount of really high-quality, beautifully designed clothing I've found, and I'm sure I've barely scratched the surface.

This is virtual clothing, of course, to put on our virtual avatars. It's not like we can wear things out in first life, sadly. Oh, shopping is so much easier in SL! And compared to first life, even expensive outfits are really cheap. So if you spend 350 lira on an outfit that turns out to be a mistake, you're only out about one Yanqui dollar.

In spite of this, I'm usually pretty cautious about buying clothes and shoes (not to mention hair and skins, but that would be a different blog entry). I try to keep my inventory small and manageable, and I hate it when I've bought something that I really never wear, and it stares at me every time I open a particular folder. I do move those things into storage eventually, and sometimes even get rid of them. Some pieces seemed like a good idea at the time. Some looked great on the model on the wall but not so much on me. So even though most clothing in SL is really cheap in terms of first life money, I still try to consider carefully before buying.

Every once in a while, though, I see something that I just have to have, even though I might really not have much use for it, even though it's not really me. That's how I'm feeling about this outfit called Go To Girl from Ginny Talmasca of Dazzle at Last Call. Ginny makes great clothing, and lots of it, so much that I'm often overwhelmed by too much choice when I walk into her shop. I'd seen Go To Girl on the Linden Lifestyles blog, and liked the look. I'm kind of in a belted tunic mood at the moment. So even though I'm not quite a match for huge non-denim flares, even though the angular collar and cuffs à la Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction aren't really my style, even though the tunic has this strange semi-rezzed quality (no matter how long I wait), I had to have this outfit. And I even paid retail.

Speaking of Pulp Fiction, I think this is ostensibly some kind of business outfit, but when you're advertising nearly half your bosom, I think it might be only for business in a place like Hollywood. Or Second Life, of course.

I'm just wearing it around today. Will I find a real use for it? Who knows? Hey, it only cost me a buck!

By the way, I had to go searching in my hair collection for the right match. I think that's the ETD style called Ginny. Pure coincidence!

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Bailey Toland said...

Yup, it is the one called Ginny, I have it too... I should really wear it sometimes lol