Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The It Girl

Apparently, I've been tagged—twice. Someone I don't know tagged me first. My friend Peter Stindberg tried but was too late.

Tagged—what is? I never know what the latest trends are. Heck, I might not even know what the not-so-latest trends are. I think this tagging thing isn't new. Or maybe it is. I'm the wrong person to ask.

According to Peter, I am now supposed to post eight random facts about myself. Considering I am a Second Life character who doesn't have enough time lately to have much of a second life, that might be difficult. Not to mention that this blog has become rather poopy with only occasional postings. I'm also supposed to find eight other people to tag, and I guess they can't have been tagged already. That is so not going to happen! Very likely, most everyone I know has been tagged by now.

Does this smell a bit like a chain letter? Some people are into chain letters. Some people find them fun and amusing. Or else they are actually superstitious, which is a bit scary. Fortunately, this tag game doesn't seem to have any element of superstition about it. I haven't seen any dire threats of doom if I break the chain. And it's kind of fun to see random facts about other people.

If I come up with eight random facts about myself, I'll let you know. I mean, if I can't even do that, there's not much point in trying to tag anyone, eh?

Oh Peter, I added a link to your blog. I didn't know you had one until recently.


Peter Stindberg said...

Indeed the chain letter aspect was what made my concerned a bit too since I don't like them. And if the request came from a stranger, I probably would have ignored it. BUt from Cat I couldn't resist.

Eight people is tough. Only the first few bloggers could be lucky enough to find 8 untagged people, and in my list - inlcuding yourself - 4 were already tagged. I think 3 might have been a good number.

I'd definitly like to learn 8 random facts about you though...

Raul Crimson said...

Hey, Veronique, I understand it can seems a "chain letter". I didn't started the meme, but it was concieved as something to learn more about others and to know more bloggers in the SL world, even you say you discovered that Peter has a blog.
Of course you can follow the game or not, is totally up to you.

Veronique Lalonde said...

No worries, gentlemen. If I ever spend enough time in SL again, maybe I can come up with eight interesting things to post. At this point, I fear it would be eight boring and/or mundane things.